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The Almaguin Highlands and the District of Muskoka are two large Ontario Regions that straddle the line that separates the Southern part of Ontario from the Near North.

The District of Muskoka, has for a long time, been considered the recreation and cottage capital of Ontario and has developed into a tourist attraction, that is known the world over!   Muskoka, annually attracts many vistors and every year pumps a great deal of tourism money into Ontario’s economy.

The Almaguin Highlands area, is a still relatively undeveloped region of 18 municipalities, that has everything that can be found
in Muskoka, but without the congestion and the overpriced real estate. As the ‘Highlands Communities’ work together to develop their own distinctive identity, we promote ourselves as a unique tourist destination. In the Almaguin Highlands, you will find a
“Pace and Quality of Life" that still reflects the tranquility and untamed beauty, which defines Algonquin Park, yet offers the
best in services and convenience, that can be found in the South.

As the four-laning of Highway 11, has brought the Highlands
within easy reach of the ‘Golden Horseshoe’, new and exiting opportunities are opening up, for everyone in the area.
This website is dedicated to serve all businesses, associations, and organizations that are located in and or ‘do business’ in Muskoka, the Almaguin Highlands or the Parry Sound District.

We will continue to develop and host relevant websites, pages
and links to assist the businesses and organizations in the greater region. Our primary goal is to further the economic growth of the Almaguin Highlands as well as the area around us

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